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Posted On March 22, 2019 159391988

Travel myths you should STOP believing

Planning a vacation is very different today with innumerable number of travel websites advertising cheap tickets, hotels and sightseeing. Besides family vacations, there are lots of people exploring new ways to vacation by embarking on adventure trips, solo excursions and staycations. Despite all the advancements in travel planning, there are a few travel myths that refuse to die, even though they are totally wrong. Read on to discover the biggest travel myths you must stop believing.
Travel is expensive ??
Travel is expensive only if you are not ready to compromise on luxury in flight and hotel bookings. Every destination in the world gives the traveler ample choices to travel economically, so do your research before arriving. Try a budget airline for shorter distances, shared accommodation platforms for overnight stays, cashing in credit card rewards, booking last-minute deals, and taking public transport over taxis.
Travel is dangerous !!
We all read stories of muggings or pickpocketing or unfortunate events, but they can happen anywhere. It may just be a combination of ignorance or pure bad luck. There are some places or countries that one should avoid but for all others, basic common sense works wonders. Do not wear heavy jewellery in lower socio-economic countries, do not walk alone in dimly lighted areas at night time, do not keep all your money in one place and listen to the locals, if they tell you to avoid an area, you should avoid.
Street Food… Will Make You Sick……
Eating street food is one of the best parts of travelling as it is inexpensive, quick and it gives you the chance to try the local cuisine. If the food comes straight off the pan, cooked in front of you, looks clean and fresh, you should be safe.
Need Travel Insurance – YES.
Can not afford insurance, Do Not Travel. You may never need it but you cannot do without it. If your tickets are cancelled or your belongings are lost, You find yourself stuck in an overseas hospital with no way of getting home, the insurance is the key to all unseen problems.

Posted On March 22, 2019 159391988

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Travel myths you should STOP believing
~ Fikrat Karaca, Istanbul ~
Travel myths you should STOP believing
~ Alexandra, Argentina ~
Travel myths you should STOP believing
~ Stella ,Brazil ~
Travel myths you should STOP believing
~ Derya , Istanbul ~